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Let Us Learn More About Binocular Research Microscope!

A binocular microscope is a research type which has a head with two eyepiece lenses. These binocular microscopes are known to be compound or high power instruments. They have two eyepieces that can be viewed for single objective lens.

Even a low power one can have two eyepieces but these two eyepieces have separate objective lens. The binocular research microscope is die casted in a sophisticated way to fulfill all this product needs. These binocular research optical instruments are an incomparable collection for any research laboratories and they have different types of control namely fine and coarse.

The rigid and the heavy stand that is with the binoculars are assembled and imported prism so that they make sure some of the best and highest accurate collimation for stain free observation. The binoculars have double lens that is with iris diaphragm and can be swung out to move by rack and pinion. The lenses are hard coated so as for anti-reflection and reduced light lenses.

The best part by the microscope manufacturers and exporters is that they send and is delivered in a package of thermocol that is covered in a wooden case just to avoid any breakage.

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