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Advanced FPGA Development System Trainer
This training system consists of FPGA chip with higher logic elements and large number of pins. This system is equipped with ADC/DAC analog module, keyboard, LCD display, PS2, VGA, UART, SCI interface, LEDs, 8-digit 7-segment displays, DC motor and stepper motor which allow students to handle complex mixed signal design and digital control design. Therefore, students are able to develop, implement and verify design of basic or advanced digital circuit, digital signal processor and CPU/MCU.

•  It provides AD/DA converter, keypad, LCD display, PS/2, VGA, UART, SCI interface, LEDS, 8-digit 7-segment LED display, step motor and DC motor driver circuits.
•  Suitable for the curriculum training in electronics, electrical engineering, information, communication and automation field.
•  Ideal for professional IC designers, R&D engineers, undergraduate and graduate students to learn IC design and software development.
•  Develop and verify basic and advanced digital circuit, digital signal processing and CPU / MCU with large-element and multi-pin FPGA chip.

Advanced FPGA Development System Trainer

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