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Analogue Signal Processing
With this board the students can study the operating principle of analog communication systems and analog signal processing techniques such as multiplication, division, square root, power, logarithm, antilogarithm, attenuation, amplitude modulation and demodulation, non‐ inverting adder, difference amplifier, integrator and shunt. The design and construction of electronic circuits to solve practical problems is an essential technique in the fields of electronic engineering and computer engineering. 

Theoretical Topics of Analogue Signal Processing
•  Simultaneous multiplication and division.
•  Analog computation of powers and roots.
•  Log ratio computation.
•  Attenuator overview.
•  Characteristics and key specifications for fixed and step attenuators.
•  Audio attenuators.
•  Antilog computation.
•  Square root operation.
•  Familiarization with analogue computing technique.
•  Basic and advanced linear operations.
•  Forms of amplitude modulation.
•  Amplitude modulation and demodulation methods.

Analogue Signal Processing

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