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Anti-Lock Braking System Trainer
This trainer will provide the instructor with a simulated anti-lock braking system for group or whole-class demonstration, using components from a commercial ABS.
This includes all the individual components of the system, either real or simulated, presented on a moveable, steel-frame panel with each component clearly identified.
It is possible to introduce controlled faults into the system, which can be monitored by means of a diagnostic plug.
The system will demonstrate the basic principles of ABS, including wheel speed sensing, signal processing, fluid pressure and modulation, together with brake pressure measurement.
The trainer will allow the instructor to demonstrate the following:-
ABS fundamentals.
Modulator and hydraulic control units.
Actuator circuits and components.
The effects of wheel locking.
The electronic control unit (ECU)
Electronic wheel speed sensor components.
Self diagnosis & fault codes.

Anti-Lock Braking System Trainer

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