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Applied Electrical Trainer
The Applied Electrical Trainer (AET) is a self-contained training device for the study of electricity and electrical circuits. This training unit also has the flexibility to allow instructors to create their own circuits and/or tests for measurement and evaluation. 

The Applied Electrical Trainer contains the following components and capabilities:
•  Connector Wires in Three Colors.
•  Eleven Loads Including Both Resistors and Lamps.
•  ON/OFF Switch with Indicator Light.
•  Power Supply with Dual Voltages (12V and 5V).
•  Banana Jacks for Making Wire Connections.
•  Circuit Breaker for Device Protection.
•  A Compact Durable Enclosure.
•  Course ware Includes Student Manual and Instructor Guide.
•  Auxiliary Jacks for an Additional Component.
•  Toggle and Momentary Switches.
•  Two Ground Connection Points.

Applied Electrical Trainer

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