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Applied Machines

These machines are made in compliance with the international quality standards by making judicious utilization of all the available resources in the best possible manner.
In addition to this, we offer customized machines to the clients.
We are engaged in offering quality Applied Machines Educational Lab Equipments to the esteemed customers, as per their specific requirements. 

Simple wheel & axle
Polygon law of forces
Jib crane
Shear force apparatus
Three stage spur gear model
Simply supported beam
Bending of beam apparatus
Belt drive single speed model
Parallelogram law of forces
Inclined plane & friction slide apparatus
Screw jack
Universal force table
Pulley block
Double sleeve pulley block
Worm & worm wheel
Bell crank lever
First and Second system of pulleys
Winch crab
Jointed roof truss

Material Lab:-
Specimen cut of machine
Heat treatment furnace
Metallurgical microscope
Metallurgical polishing machine single disc
Set of specimen of different metal
Alumina paste grade
Velvet cloth
Journey and quench machine

Applied Machines

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