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Automotive One Engine Test Set
A gasoline Briggs and Stratton air cooled OHV engine, is offered as an engine option. Alternatively a diesel engine, the is offered as a separate alternative. The engine and dynamometer are carried on a solid steel base plate resiliently mounted within a steel framework. The instrumentation and control panel is mounted on the front of the frame. An automotive alternator is used as a dynamometer to load the engine and dissipate the power in a resistive load bank. It is a self-contained compact unit designed for easy installation and bench mounting.Included within the engine framework are the fuel system, which incorporates a fuel tank and fuel solenoid valve, and the air induction system.

Experimental Capability of Automotive One Engine Test Set:
•  Engine efficiency and fuel consumption variation with speed and load.  
•  Effect of mixture strength on gasoline engine performance and fuel consumption.  
•  Engine performance curves at full and part load.
•  Effect of mixture on gasoline engine performance and fuel consumption.  
•  The gasoline unit is provided with a lean/rich fuel mixture device.

Automotive One Engine Test Set

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