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Basic Electronic Trainer
Digital Circuits Module:
•  Touch Switch and 4518 Counter.
•  LCDM and Digital Display Circuit.
•  BCD Adder and Sub-tractor.
•  Mono-stable and Alarm Circuit.

Waveform Generator Module:
•  Schmitt Trigger and Sparkling Lamp.
•  555 Delay Circuit and Astable Multi vibrator.

•  TTL and OPA Crystal Oscillator.

•  Delay Turn Off Circuit.
•  OPA Astable Multi-vibrator.

Basic Electric Circuits Module:
•  Voltage Follower and Comparator.
•  Zero Crossing Detector.
•  Diode and Transistor Switch.
•  Inverter and Inverter / Non Inverter OP Amp.
•  Photoelectric controller.

Basic Electronic Trainer

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