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Batch Enzyme Reactor
A temperature sensor and heater mounted in the reactor vessel and linked to a PID controller for accurate reaction temperature control. A polarimeter device measuring optical transmission and angle of rotation. Protection devices for all electrical circuits. Sensor signals are routed to the I/O port for connection to a PC. The unit is used to demonstrate batch enzyme kinetics and enzyme characteristics. This is a reactor system specially designed to perform batch enzyme reaction utilizing the glucose isomerization reaction catalyzed by glucose isomerase. Three displays: PID temperature control (reactor temperature), a display for the angle of rotation, a display for optical transmission or temperature at polarimeter.
The reactor itself is made of clear acrylic, which gives good visibility. A cruciform geometry impeller constructed from stainless steel mesh retains the immobilized enzyme whilst allowing efficient mixing with the liquid reactant. 
It consists of a bench-top unit onto which is mounted a reactor vessel in which the glucose isomerase-mediated reaction takes place.

Batch Enzyme Reactor

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