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Block Making Machine

In One Pallet- 4 brick will be done
Conveyor 20-foot length
Pallet Size- 600 x 300 x 25xmm (PVC type pallet)
System- Hydraulic power compacting
Tonnage of Hydraulic Pressure- 100 ton
Total Power Required: 31.5 HP


Pan Mixer Specification:-
Side Wall Height: 500 mm
Motor: 7.5 HP, 1480 rpm 3 phase
Bottom Plate: 10 mm
Side Wall Plate: 5 mm

Brick Size:    230 x 110 x 75 mm (with frog)
Production Capacity: 1680 bricks/hour (rated) 
No. of Bricks/Stroke: 4 bricks/stroke
No. of Strokes/Hour: 420 strokes/hour (7 strokes/min)

Block Making Machine

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