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Lab Export is the best Bread Board Trainers Manufacturer, Exporter and Suppliers in India. For all logical lab hardware we are the significant provider from over 60 years. A breadboard is a piece of polished wood used for slicing bread. This is become extremely popular with students and in technological education, because it is easy to use for creating experimenting with circuit design. A variety of electronic and electrical systems may be prototyped by using breadboards, from small analog and digital circuits to complete CPUs.

Lab Export is Manufacturer and exporter of D S P Trainer, Digital Communication Trainer, Bread Board Trainer and supplies it in over than 30 countries. The experienced technical team work hard to meet requirements of the clients by providing them a huge range of lab instruments including: Digital Trainer Board, Power Electronics Lab, Digital Trainer, Digital- Analog Lab, Digital Lab, Power Project Board, Logic Lab, Digital Lab Station, Digital Logic Trainer / Logic Trainer Board, Digital Electronic Trainer, Bread Board Circuit Lab, Logic Gates Circuit Trainer, Digital Logic Trainer (TTL) Logic Trainer Board and Electricity Lab etc.

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Bread Board Trainers

SKU: LC-683

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