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Cam Analysis Apparatus
The apparatus is very useful for testing the cam performance for jump phenomenon during operation. A spring is used to provide controlling force to the follower system. Weights on the follower shaft can be adjusted as per the requirement. An arrangement is provided to regulate the speed. On this apparatus the effect of change of inertia forces on jump action of cam-follower during operation can be observed. And a Dial Gauge fitted on the follower shaft is used to note the follower displacement for the angle of cam rotation.  It is useful for testing various cam & follower pairs. Theses are already hardened to reduce the wear.Three cams and three followers will be supplied with the apparatus. Graduated circular protractor is fitted co-axial with the shaft.  
Technical Details:-
•  Cam Shaft: Material Stainless Steel.
•  Cams: Tangent, Eccentric, Circular Arc type.
•  Followers: Roller, Knife edge, Mushroom Compression Spring.
•  Provided  Weights: 1 kg., 500gm, 200 gm & 100gm.
•  Motor: Variable speed, ½ HP., 0-1500 RPM with speed controller.
•  Dial Gauge: Baker & Mercer/Standard Make.

Cam Analysis Apparatus

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