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Lab Export is highly instrumental as the Civil Engineering Lab Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India and abroad. We offer a vast assortment of all sort of scientific and industrial laboratory equipment. Since inception, we have been supplying our customers with the most appropriate and tailored test solutions and customized equipment for their specific requirements. Our equipment is being used for research & development, quality control, industrial, manufacturing, and educational applications. Our products are mainly known for their key features high: quality, durability, easy to use, low maintenance, high performance, longer service life.

Lab Export has always been concerned with the quality of its products and hence has maintained a quality management system in accordance with ISO standards. We are an ISO certified company. We have constant monitoring and continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes. Our constant efforts have led to the development of high-quality lab equipment complimented by precision and accuracy making us the well-established lab equipment manufacturing company. All our products are manufactured using superior quality raw material deploying innovative techniques and the latest technology at our well-equipped infrastructural unit.

Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipment       
Lab Export is the leading Civil Engineering Lab Equipment Supplier. Our equipment are used by a huge customer base to test strength, durability, elasticity and properties of building materials such as soil, cement, concrete, asphalt, aggregates, rocks etc. Our customer base includes construction industries, universities, educational institutions, research laboratories quality control departments. We have a plethora of civil engineering lab equipment ranging from sampling equipment to microprocessor controlled testing systems for use both in field as well as in lab testing.  Enlisted below are some of our civil engineering lab equipment: Cement testing, soil testing, concrete testing, aggregate testing, bitumen testing, compression testing, construction equipment and survey instruments.

    It is highly important to test the material used for construction of any structure big or small at the initial stages to avoid any mishappening later. Civil engineers must perform the analysis of soil and construction material during the design stage itself, as it is directly related to the relevant foundation or structure. Therefore we have civil engineering lab equipment in place to perform any test to check the quality and properties of construction material and soil. The equipment is used to analyze the soil, cement, concrete, asphalt, bitumen, mortar, steel, aggregates and other materials used in civil engineering, using the procedures involving extracting, examining and testing. All this procedure helps the civil engineer to compute the model very close to the real situation. The equipment involved to test the material should be capable of analyzing the moisture content, hardness, permeability and other mechanical properties of the construction material giving accurate and precise results.

 Lab Export has a huge range of civil engineering lab equipment. Headquartered in India, we have a vast customer base in India and we have also made an expansive growth in recent years expanding our network throughout the globe. We are an emerging Civil Egineering Lab Equipment Exporter. Our equipment are extensively used worldwide to test construction material used for projects including roads, bridges, buildings, dams, earthworks, etc. We are known for designing and developing high-quality, high performing, durable products at competitive prices. Our competitive spirit and quality standards have made us a leading brand in the laboratory equipment manufacturing industry. To purchase or order any product you can go through the variety of equipment listed below.

Civil Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters in India

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