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CNC Lathe System

Distance between centers: 600mm
Pitch-metric : 0.2 – 3.5mm
Pitch-inch : 8-56TPI
X travel: 130mm
X repeatability positioning accuracy: 0.012
Z repeatability positioning accuracy: 0.013
Z travel: 465 mm
Z rapid speed : 2500mm/min
X positioning accuracy: 0.03
Z positioning accuracy: 0.032
Motor power: 2.2KW 230V~50Hz
Packing size : 2220 x 820 x 1720mm
Spindle bore: Φ26mm
Spindle speeds: 30-4000rpm
X rapid speed : 3000mm/min
Turning Φ via lathe bed: Φ260mm

CNC Lathe System

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