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CNC Semi Production Mill


Semi Production Mill machine specially designed with industrial controller.

This machine which is specifically designed for educational institutes offers hands-on experience of industrial machines with safety features of trainer machines.



Axis Motor and Drive

Servo Motor with Servo Drives

X Axis

300 mm

Y Axis

225 mm

Z Axis

250 mm

Spindle to column distance

270 mm

Feed Rate

0 to 10,000 mm/min

Rapid Travel

10,000 mm/min


LM Guideways

Table Size

560 x 220 mm

T Slot

3 x 10 x 50

Load on Table

120 Kg

Spindle Motor Capacity

3 HP

Spindle RPM

100 to 4000 RPM


0.010 mm


+- 0.005 mm


0.001 mm

Tool Changer


No. of Tools

8 / 12

Maximum Tool Length / Dia

40 mm / 16mm

Vice Type

Pneumatic/ Manual

Dimension in mm

1300 x 1100 x 1900 mm

CNC Semi Production Mill

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