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Compressor Analyzer

Compressor Analyzer tests all single phase compressors up to 5 HP, 110, 220, or 277 volts. 
Lab Connection comes equipped with a built-in 200 micro farad start capacitor. 
Designed for testing motor windings and jump-starting compressors that are locked up.


Tests windings for opens, continuity, and grounds
Compressors are tested in the manner in which they were designed to operate: Split-phase, capacitor start, or PSC
Has provisions for connecting external run capacitor. 
30A breaker protected to allow high starting current with adequate overload protection
Complete with 220V adapter cord and capacitor leads
Tests start and run capacitors and system relays by substitution
Measures running amps, 0-10, 50A range
Measures start and run volts, 0-150, 600V AC ranges
Tied-up compressors may be freed by reversing motor rotations

Compressor Analyzer

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