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Continuous Distillation Pilot Plant

•  Tank for collection of distillate with 1 litre capacity.
•  Tank for collection of bottoms product with 5 litres capacity.
•  Condenser with reflux head.
•  Feeding tank with 5 litres capacity.
•  Distillation column height 600 mm with 7 sieve trays.
•  Metering pump with flow rate of 0 to 8.5 litres / hour.
•  6x digital thermometers with pt100 probes protected by stainless steel shield sleeves.
•  Pipework manufactured from stainless steel.
•  Electrical control panel in main cabinet.
•  Emergency stop button.
•  Thyristor unit for controlling the power to the reboiler electric  heater.
•  2x programmable timers for the control of reflux ratio.
•  Variable area flow meter with a range of 20 to 200 litres per hour.
•  Reboiler with 3 litres capacity complete with 1600 W electric heater.
•  3x tube-in-tube heat exchangers.

Continuous Distillation Pilot Plant

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