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Cummins Pump

Electronic controls deliver critical information for controlling costs, reducing maintenance, and seamless integration with other components. High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System with Full-Authority

Electronic Controls: Delivers high injection pressure for improved performance and fuel efficiency at every rpm.  

Parent Bore Cylinder Block: Designed for reduced noise and increased durability. Built to handle high pressures.

Directed Piston Cooling: Extends lifespan with lower piston temperatures.

Two-Stage Fuel Filter: Provides a balanced level of particle separation to maximize fuel filter life and protect vital fuel system components.

Rear Gear Train: Significantly lowers noise output to meet worldwide noise emission standards.

The features a cast-iron parent bore block structurally-designed to reduce noise and increase durability. One of the Cummins fire pump drive engines that offers flexibility to owners with its electronic-controlled. 

Cummins Pump

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