D.C. Generator

•  Durable designed fans used for excellent cooling.
•  Stamping of armature with high grade silicon.
•  For the non stop operations high quality materials are used in copper conductors.
•  Superior quality steel used in yoke.
•  Dynamic balanced skewed rotor used for the low noise.
•  High grade bushes of carbon is used trouble free and durable operations.
•  A.C or D.C motors can be the prime movers.
•  Ratings available: 0.75 KW, 220/440V to 7.5kw 220/440V.
•  To avoid any sort of mishap special guard are equipped on the couplings.
•  Windings types: Shunt/Series/Compound type. 
•  For trouble free and longer life operations large size of bearings are used.
•  Field windings and armatures are impregnated with vacuum pressure for the best insulation strength.

D.C. Generator