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D.C. Motor
Field windings and armatures are impregnated with vacuum pressure for the best insulation strength. Permeability steel especially used to make yoke. Bearings in large size for trouble free and longer life operations. Superior quality silicon used for armature stamping. To ensure the low noise, off center rotor construction is in dynamic balance. Uniform/constant pressure brush holders.Durable quality fans are used for cooling. 

Loading pulley as well as armature should be dynamically balanced. Terminal box fixed with all terminals properly. Strong base frame in C.P. handle, heavy duty bolt and perfect spring of dial type helps in accurate reading of machines. Available ratings: 220V/380V/440V, 0.5H.P TO 10 H.P. Types of windings: Shunt/Series/Compound type.
For the nonstop performance, copper conductors are made with high quality insulated materials.

D.C. Motor

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