Data Acquisition Systems
OPC Server application:
OPC server will read the raw data which was received by communication server application and convert the raw data to actual meter data.


Communication server application: Communication server application will establish communication with modem associated to DCU and process the data sent by the device.


User interface using web based application: Web server provides web based user application which will access using public IP where user should be able to login and get to know the details of their meter status and data. The business logic tier would service the requests made by the client tier. These requests could be automated, based on user-defined schedules or on-demand from the user. The collected data can be viewed in the form of customized reports. User can take print outs of these reports, export the data into spread sheets, or convert the data in the form of flat files. Utility Operation/Dashboard user will have the interface for supervisory activities involved in meter data acquisition, processing and analysis.
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Data Acquisition Systems