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Datalogger has been designed to gather data simply from laboratory tests.
The Basic Unit includes the sensors most frequently used in the experiments (voltage, current, electric power, temperature, luminosity, magnetic field and pressure), but it can be extended via the external connection of Sensors.
It includes high-resolution converters (12 bit) to ensure the highest accuracy in measurements.
It can be used in stand-alone mode, with quantities shown on the graphics display and commands set by a joystick.
It is supplied with a 2 MB internal RAM memory for storing the acquired quantities.
It can also be used in direct connection with a PC, via USB, to gather and process data the software Workspace.

Sensors included: voltage, current, temperature, luminosity, magnetic field, absolute pressure of gases
Graphic Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD): 128 x 64 pixels
5-keys Joystick
Number of analog inputs for internal sensors: 4
Number of digital inputs: 3
Number of analog outputs: 2
Internal signal generator
Max. sampling frequency per channel: 1 MHz
It can be powered via USB when connected to a PC
USB Full Speed interface (12 Mbps) 2.0
It can be powered by an external USB power supply
Conversion resolution: 12 bit
Dimensions: 158 x 93 x 30 mm
Number of analog inputs for external sensors: 4


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