Disc and Drum Braking System Trainer
This real component-based trainer provides students and instructors with the opportunity to demonstrate and investigate the operation of a typical automotive braking system. 
The trainer is designed to allow access to both disc and drum brake components, as well as providing the opportunity to understand the operation of the hydraulic circuit.

Typical practical tasks include:-
Friction brake theory
Drum brake components and operation
Disc brake components and operation
Handbrake servicing
Brake problem diagnosis
Mount brake drum on lathe; machine braking surface
Drum brake machining
Disc measurement and inspection
Handbrake components and operation
Check handbrake cables and components for wear, rusting, binding, and corrosion
Adjust calipers with integrated handbrake system
Diagnose poor stopping, noise, pulling, grabbing, dragging, or pedal pulsation concerns

Disc and Drum Braking System Trainer