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Electro-Pneumatic Trainer Kit
The components are capable of being mounted on an appropriate profile plate with grooves for secure and flexible positioning so that the components can be clamped firmly, quickly and safely through quick fix adaptors. Advanced customized electro-pneumatic trainer kit is capable of being used to demonstrate the design, construction and application of electro-pneumatic components and circuits.Industrial components are used in the kit so that the students get hands on practical training in using industrial components.
The Kit is designed to satisfy following objectives:
•  Functional diagrams.
•  Logic AND/OR function to start signals.
•  To empower students to design their own circuits.
•  The kit is modular and upgradeable.
•  Direct and indirect manual controls, stroke dependant controls, time dependant and pressure dependant controls with time delay, pressure sequence valves.
•  Design & function of an electro-pneumatic System.
•  Function & identification of Electro-pneumatic components & their symbols.
•  Application and fault findings of Electro Pneumatic controls.
•  Pneumatic power section – Electric control section.
•  Training Manuals provided for Operation with Ease.

Electro-Pneumatic Trainer Kit

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