Electrolux Refrigerator Test Rig
The test rig is designed for the study of thermodynamics of vapour absorption refrigeration cycle by measuring temperature at different position. The set up demonstrates the students about the basic principal of a vapour absorption refrigeration cycle. 

Technical Details:
•  Refrigerant: Mixture of three fluid system Ammonia(NH3) + Water (H2O) +  hydrogen (H2)
•  Evaporator: Coil Type evaporator with facility to determine performance efficiency ratio (PER)
•  Gases: Non–CEC, Non –HCFC, Non–FCKW, Non –Freon
•  Mode of System: Externally heated by electric resistance
•  Volume of Cabinet: 41 Ltrs., Voltage Input –65 Watts, Electrical Consumption/24 Hrs. –0.8 kWh, Auto Defrost Fuzzy Logic System, Voltage
•  Temperature Sensor: RTD PT-100 Type.
•  Digital Voltmeter: 0-300 V
•  Digital Ammeter: 0-5 Amp.
•  Temperature Measurement: Digital Temperature Indicator with multi-channel switch.

Electrolux Refrigerator Test Rig