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We are reputed Electrostatics Laboratory Experiments Apparatus Manufacturers in India. This topic is pretty much relevant in our life and it is mandatory to know a thing or two about this. Also, if you wish to go deeper in this field and you want to pursue research, then you need to have a knowledge about the instruments in this field. We supply Apeinus Condenser, Biots Apparatus, Conical, Cylindrical & Spherical Conductor and many other products. We take pride in supplying the industry’s best items. We want our clients to benefit from our range and we do just that. For teachers, there are various devices to use when they are explaining some crucial related topics to the students. Thus, they need these kind of kits where they can make students understand easily. Lab Connection Export makes sure no client is disappointed, thus we provide the best of the products which can be easily bought.

Electrostatic Lab Equipment Suppliers

SKU: LC-61

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