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Lab Connection is leading in Energy Training System, Energy Training System Suppliers, Energy Training System Exporters, Energy Training System Manufacturer in India, Energy Training System Suppliers in India, Energy Training System Manufacturers, throughout the world to be used in Schools, College and Universities. Complex concepts as demand-side-management or conductor rope monitoring can be addressed in experiments. Innovative Smart-meter allows measurement and control of the energy fluxes in the experiments. The students at first experience within an experiment to develop approaches for increasing grid stability on their own to overcome the problem of the influence of renewable energies on grid stability. Engineers will learn the electro-technical challenges of mains operations by setting-up smart grids on a laboratory scale and its measurement and control.It includes components for renewable energies such as wind and photovoltaics as well as energy stores such as lithium-iron-phosphate batteries or fuel cells allowing a large variety of experiments.

Energy Training System

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