Engine Performance Trainer
Includes all of the Following Automobile Systems for Study and Diagnosis:

•  Transmission (Automatic or Manual).
•  Electrical.
•  Exhaust.
•  Engine Cooling.
•  Heat/Ventilation/Air Conditioning.
•  Engine (4 to 8 Cylinder, Gasoline or Diesel).
•  Emissions.
The Engine Performance Trainer is constructed from a late model “recycled” vehicle (Front Wheel-Drive or Rear-Wheel-Drive). Performs Actual Service Manual Diagnostic Procedures. Aids in Developing Real-World System Skills and Knowledge. 

Includes an A Tech Fault/Simulator Panel with Multiple Faulting Options and Features Including:
•   Real-Time voltage readouts for Various Selectable Sensors.
•   Interactive Demonstration/Study of Fuel Control by Oxygen Sensor Feed back.
•   Demonstrates Catalytic Convertor “Punch-Through”.
•   Investigates Downstream Oxygen Sensor’s Control of Fuel Trim.
•   Breakout Box with Test Points for every PCM Pin.
•   Individual or Multiple Sensors are selectable for Voltage Substitutio
•   Voltage Adjustment Potentiometers for each Sensor.
•   Data Link Connector (DLC) for Scan Tool Diagnostics.
•   Trainer Mounted on Casters for Ease of Mobility.

Engine Performance Trainer