Equipment For Studying Rotational Motion

This system enables to carry out a wide range of tests on centrifugal force, on angular momentum, and on rotational motion. 
Proper adapters enable to mount sensors for supervising angular position, speed and acceleration. 
The differences of the moment of inertia are high enough to be perceived by students even when they turn the system
A motor is connected to a support in order to impart a continuous rotation. 
Provided with a unique set of accessories, this is the ideal tool for tests on couple and friction.

Training Program:-
Conservation of angular momentum, with a mass point
Rotational inertia of a mass point
Conservation of angular momentum, with disk and ring
Rotational inertia of a disk and of a ring - two axes
Centrifugal force
Rotational inertia of a (fixed and turning) offset disk
Conservation of angular momentum, projectile version

Pulley and rod
Turning platform, base support 22 x 22 cm and track 51 x 4 cm
Disk Ø 23 cm
Ring, outer Ø 12,5 cm, inner Ø 10,5 cm
2 trucks (1 mobile, 1 steady)
Masses from binary
DC motor, 24 V, 1500 rpm
Accessories for studying centrifugal force
Pulley from binary

Equipment For Studying Rotational Motion