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Field CBR Equipment

Measuring in soil bearing capacity.

Field CBR Jack 50kN capacity; weight 8.5 kg; total height: 254mm.
1 Bracket and Adapter.
1 Bridge Support.
1 Ball Seating Attachment.
1 Proving Ring, 10 kN capacity.
1 Proving Ring, 28 kN capacity.
1 Penetration Dial Indicator.
Proving Ring, 50kN capacity.
Field Penetration Piston 50 mm Dia. threaded at the upper end.
Extension Rod machined from steel tubing, consisting of 2 lengths 5 cm., 2 lengths 10 cm., 1 length 30 cm., 1 length 50 cm., and 1 length 100 cm., used as spacers between the proving ring and penetration piston.
1 Circular 4.54 kg Surcharge Weight. 250 mm dia with 53 mm dia central hole.
1 Slotted (4.54 kg) Surcharge Weight. 215 mm to 250 mm dia with 53 mm dia slot.
1 Slotted (9.07 kg) Surcharge Weight 215 mm to 250 mm dia with 53 dia slot.
Dial gauge support of seamless pipe construction, 30 cm high and 45 cm wide at the base, with a quick release screw type clamp capable of sliding and locking anywhere along the 2-meter length of the bridge.

Dial gauge 0.01mm x 25mm.

Field CBR Equipment

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