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Flasks, Conical, Erlenmeyer, Narrow Mouth
Made from Borosilicate heat resistance glass.
All the flasks are printed in white enamel.
Has Reinforced thick Rim to reduce chipping & breakage.
Capacity: 25mL, Dia: 42mm, Dia1: 22mm, Height: 75mm
Capacity: 50mL, Dia: 51mm, Dia1: 22mm, Height: 90mm
Capacity: 100mL, Dia: 64mm, Dia1: 22mm, Height: 105mm
Capacity: 150mL, Dia: 74mm, Dia1: 28mm, Height: 118mm
Capacity: 250mL, Dia: 85mm, Dia1: 34mm, Height: 145mm
Capacity: 500mL, Dia: 105mm, Dia1: 34mm, Height: 180mm

Flasks, Conical, Erlenmeyer, Narrow Mouth

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