Flow Measurement By Rotameter
The actual flow rate can be measure and verified.A measuring tank is provided to collect the flow.The unit consist of a pipe emerging out from manifold with a Rotameter a flow regulating valve is provided to regulate water supply of pipe.

• Transparent pizometer tube with scale to measure discharge from measuring tank.
• Measuring tank- 295 X 345 X 345 mm.
• Sump tank- 900 X 350 X 350 mm.
• Rotameter- 0 to 500 LPH.
• Flow control valve to change Discharge.
• Usha or Crompton Greaves motor for recalculating type unit.- 0.5H.P. Self Priming.
• Stop clock.

Range of Experiment:-
• To calibration of Rotameter with actual discharge.

Flow Measurement By Rotameter