Forced Draught Cooling Tower
The experiments can be conducted at various flow rates of Air & Water & calculation can be made accordingly. Experiment can be conduct on both Induced & Forced Draught condition.To determine Volumetric mass transfer coefficient ( hd.a ) for air, water system in a cooling tower. To study the temperature distribution along the height of the tower.To determine & compare the efficiency of the tower from Induced & Forced Draught condition. 

Experimental Setup:
•  Cooling Tower size : 300 mm x 300 mm x 1200 mm.
•  Rotameter : 1.1 – 11 LPM to measure inlet water flow.
•  Heater Assembly.


Control Panel:
•  12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator.
•  Main On/Off Switch for blower.
•  Switches for Pump, axial fan, heater, Etc.

Forced Draught Cooling Tower