Gas Absorption Column

Absorption process of carbon dioxide from the air-CO2 mixture into caustic soda solution is also studied using this system.
This apparatus is used to determine the air pressure differential across the column as a function of air flow rate at different water flow rates down the column, and flooding point can be noted.
The system components are mounted within a floor standing painted steel framework.
The deoxygenating column is of similar overall size to the wetted wall column, standing vertically adjacent to it.
Besides, the columns are a control console housing flow meters, pump controls, and an oxygen analyzer.
Situated between the columns are two special housings containing the oxygen analysis probes which monitor the oxygen content in the water entering and leaving the absorption column.
The wetted wall column is a glass column with water inlet and outlet sections and is gimbal mounted to ensure that it can be set accurately vertical.
The apparatus uses water as the working medium, contained in a storage tank at the rear of the unit.
Pumps delivering water to the deoxygenator and the absorption column are located at the base of the unit.
Dissolved oxygen at inlet and outlet can be measured in rapid succession.
The water drains into the storage tank to be recycled to the deoxygenate.
In operation, water is sparged with nitrogen in the deoxygenate before entering the top of the wetted wall column.
Air is pumped by the integral diaphragm-type air pump into the base of the column.
The air passes up the column, giving up the oxygen to the water.

Gas Absorption Column