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Industrial Heavy Door Portal
The gear motor (supplied with the main module portal). A mechanically welded frame mounted on 4 wheels. A set of carters allowing to protect the student from the dangerous parts of the kinematic linkage. An angle transmission box with disengaging mechanism.   Chain with fast attachment. The angle transmission and the manual operation reduction gear. The angle transmission and the power gear motor.This box allows to isolate the gear motor from the kinematic linkage.Two couplings allowing the links between. A set of 2 double pinions with removable chain and hub.


Technical specifications:-
•  Weight of the removable masses : 24 masses of 20 daN.
•  Mini weight in movement: 70 daN.
•  Weight of the door (when empty) : 70 daN.
•  Maxi weight in movement: 550 daN.
•  Power of the gear motor: 2,2Kw.
•  Opening speed of door.
•  Max : 24m / min.
•  Middle : 12m / min.
•  Mini : 6m / min.
•  1/ Main Module.
•  The portal has been designed in order to allow several upgrade able configurations from the main unit portal.

Industrial Heavy Door Portal

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