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Inverted Medical Biological Microscope
Lab Connection is equipped with high performance optics, ergonomic design, and LED illumination, it is ideal for cell culture, micromanipulation, documentation of immunostained specimens, and routine live cell examinations. Microscope features high-quality Phase contrast, excellent modulation contrast and brilliant fluorescence. Die Cast body is robust, stable, plenty of space to work with tools, long working distances/swing out condenser to accommodate large culture flasks and a stable cool illumination make work at the microscope easy and convenient.

Focusing: Feather touch ultra precise coaxial both side, coarse & fine with tension control & upper limit stopper
Viewing Head: Ergonomic sidentopf Binocular with camera port
Optical system: Universal infinty corrected (IOS), colour corrected, aberration corrected, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial coated (multi-layered hard coated)
Condenser: Swingout/LWD with iris diaphragm & filter slot. brightfiled, phase contrast
Microscopy Techniques: Brightfield, fluorescence, phase contrast
Body: Rugged, ergonomic design, touch point treated
Objectives: LWD infinity Semi Plan/Plan/Flotar/S-APO/APO objectives
Motorized: Z-axis motorized focussing
Mechanical Stage: Fixed stage with 3 point support, hard coated surface, multiple stage insert, detachable travelling stage with right/left hand control, low position coaxial movement
Power Supply: 90V-240V/50Hz AC
Nosepiece: Quintuple/Sextuple with ball-bearing, rubber/metal grip & click stop
Eyepiece: Extra wide field, high point with diopter adjustment
Illumination: Koheler's Halogen/LED, intensity adjustable, battery backup, auto cut-off

Inverted Medical Biological Microscope

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