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Ion Exchange Unit
The apparatus is supplied with typical commercial cation and anion resins. Other ion exchange materials may be used so that their characteristics, exchange capacity etc, may be measured and compared. Effluent may be fed to a sump tank and treated water collected in bottles for tests on hardnes, conductivity or dissolved solids.Regenerant and test or wash solutions contained in separate sumps are selected by a traversing tube and delivered to the apparatus by pump through a control valve and flow meter. A conductivity meter connected to the outlet of the second ion exchange bed gives a continuous indication of the progress of demineralisation. 
Technical Details:-
•  Flowmeter range: 10-80ml/min.
•  Sump tank capacity: 20 litres.
•  Pump: Self priming diaphragm type.
•  Anion exchange resin: 0.75 litre.
•  Cation exchange resin: 1litre.

Ion Exchange Unit

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