Laboratory Geological Petrographic Microscope
: Incident/transmitted, Halogen or LED with Battery backup
Polarizing Facilities: Polarizer mounted below the condenser
Eyepiece: Extra wide field with diopter adjustment
Analyzer: Analyzer with scale removable from optical path, rotatable, focusable & centerable bertrand lens
Viewing Head: Monocular/Binocular/Trinocular Head
Body: Rugged, single die cast, ergonomic design, acid resistant texture paint, touch point treated
Condenser: Abbe with iris diaphragm & filter slot. Brightfiled, polarizing
Focusing: Coaxial (low position), both side, Coarse & Fine with Tension control & upper limit stopper
Objectives: POL Plan Infinite
Attachment: Slots for Compensator Plates, Switchable Orthoscopic/Conoscopic
Retarding Plates: λPlate, 1/4 λ(Mica) & Quartz Wedge
Mechanical Stage: Graduated large circular rotary stage
Nosepiece: Centerable Quadruple/Quintuple with Multiple Ball-Bearing, Rubber/metal Grip & Click Stop
Optical system: Strain free achromatic optical system, colour corrected, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial coated (multi-layered hard coated)

Laboratory Geological Petrographic Microscope