Lab Connection Export is a top Laboratory Glassware Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in India. We have an experienced team of individuals who are staunch professionals and design the glassware perfectly to suit your match. It is the basic equipment used in the chemical, biological and other laboratories. This is manufactured by high-quality borosilicate which can withstand external factors affecting the glass. It is a specialty of Lab Connection Export to manufacture and supply top grade instrumentsas per the industry standards. Our forte is the laboratory glassware and we are proud to be supplying throughout the country and abroad. Thus, we can proudly claim that our products are known internationally too. We take acute measures and care to make sure our customers are satisfied with our products. Hence, we devise the instruments and equipment in such a way that they are used smoothly.

Under this category, we have a wide array of the product line. We manufactur bottles, condensers, sintered and volumetric glassware. We also supply beakers, volumetric flasks, test tubes which are used for different procedures in the laboratory. You can contact us anytime if you are interested in purchasing the units

Laboratory Glassware India

SKU: LC-67
Color: Black