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Laboratory Ore Microscope
Transmitted illuminator: Plano-concave mirror diameter 50mm mounted on gimble mount, interchangeable with sub-stage 15W lamp for 220V or 110V.
Incident illuminator: with pre-centred 20w tungsten hologen source and electric tranformer with intensity control input voltage 220v or 110 volts.
Stage:  Compact ball-bearing rotating stage, 140mm diameter, graduated with vernier, lock and stage specimen clips.
Objectives: Achromatic, Semi-plan Objectives P-4x, P-10x and P-40x SL.
Focusing: Separate knobs are provided for coarse and fine focusing adjustments.
Intermediate Tube: Built-in slide out analyzer, λ-Gypsum Plate, λ/4-Mica Plate and Bertrand Lens. All slides are locked into the tube and can be inserted in the optical path as per requirement.
Eyepieces: Widefield Eyepiece WF-10x and H5 Cross & H10x micro.
Polarizer: Fully Rotatable Polarizer on strain free adobe-condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris-diaphragm.
Compensator: λ-Gypsum Plate (1st order red compensating plate, 560 nanometers) and λ/4-Mica Plate (145 nanometers).
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Laboratory Ore Microscope

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