Large Tool Makers Microscope
Stage :
 300mm X 200mm thread less stage having built-in liner scales, least count 0.001mm, to provide accurate and smooth X-Y table travel 100x 50mm. Glass plate size 200 X 100mm.
Eyepiece : WF 15x with cross reticle
Magnification: 30x standard.
Eyepiece Protector : Graduated in 360° with adjustable vernier reading to 6 Min. is coupled with monocular ocular tube for smooth angle measurement.
Objective : 2x achromatic.
Base : Large and heavy base provides extra overall rigidity to the instrument.
Compact design, especially engineered for all who require precision and accuracy for measuring a variety of metal, plastic, electronic parts and automotive components. 
Illumination : Sub-stage lamp emits transmitted light form a bottom source equipped with collimated green filter halogen light. Oblique illumination through LED ring.
Excellent for Precise Measurements of Angles, Lengths, Diameters, and point to point distances on the specimen. Observation Tube : Monocular, inclined at 30° coupled with graduated eyepiece protractor. 
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Large Tool Makers Microscope