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LCD Touch Pad Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope
Designed to be outfitted with a variety of lens accessories to increase or reduce magnification. 
It provides the best reproduction and true color imaging. 
With a large zoom range and long-working distance.
Ideal for high-magnification, high-resolution observation in biological research, semi-conductor and other precision-oriented industries. With up to 5-point multi-touch screen control is at your fingertips. With an 8'', 1024 x 768 high-resolution screen, School lab has great color fidelity and offers smooth images. 
The trinocular model with a digital camera is excellent for photomicroscopy or use with an LCD screen. 
The fully coated optical system which provides sharp and clear imaging with extreme flatness and contrast.
Integrated with a 2MP camera, the allows for high-speed image acquisition. It improves image dynamic range and detail quality. In­stead of the observing through microscope eyepieces. It takes care of all parameters such as white balance, exposure time, etc. automatically.Lab connection has built-in software and operating systems, the live image is available as soon as you start the camera. You can save the picture to your system memory or your external storage devices such as mini SD Cards or USB devices.
The stereo microscope offers ergonomic features such as synchronized bi-lateral inter-pupillary distance adjustments. 

LCD Touch Pad Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope

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