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LED Cordless Beginner Monocular Microscope
Monocular head, 45° inclined and 360° rotatable.
Locked-on 10X wide-field eyepiece with pointer.
It features an all metal frame, making it rugged and durable, objectives that are achromatic, color-coded and parcentered for a sharp, clear image, and LED illumination that provides cool-to-touch, crisp white lighting. 
This beginner microscope offers great value and performance.  This microscope can be fully charged in 8 hours, giving it up to 50 hours of continuous use. Excellent for young children who are studying biology and those just starting out.
Rechargeable LED cordless illumination with on/off switch.
4X, 10X, and 40XR, color-coded achromatic objectives are parfocaled and parcentered.
Coarse focus control.
Lab Connection are leading manufacturers, suppliers of LED Cordless Beginner Monocular Microscope. Contact us to get high quality LED Cordless Beginner Monocular Microscope for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories and various industries. 

LED Cordless Beginner Monocular Microscope

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