LED Kohler Illumination Binocular Microscope
LED illumination with intensity control, guarantees a bright, clear and crisp, cool-to-touch white light, and has a lifespan of up to 5000 hours. 
It features a reverse nosepiece to facilitate easy slide changes. 
A diopter adjustment on one ocular tube compensates for eye-strength difference when needed. The 40xR and 100xR objectives are retractable and spring-loaded to prevent damage to slides and objectives when focusing. 
Binocular compound microscope is 30° inclined and has adjustable interpupillary distance of 55mm to 75mm. 
Koehler illumination provides critical resolution images for more exact techniques like phase contrast and photo micrography. Constructed of rugged cast aluminum with stain resistant gray enamel finish. 
Four achromatic objectives are parcentered and parfocaled to ensure the image stays centered and focused during every magnification change. It is also sealed to protect against further damage that can be caused from contact with liquid or oils. 

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LED Kohler Illumination Binocular Microscope