LED TV Television Trainer
The complete block diagram of LCD TV system is printed on the mimic. Finally this equipment allows us to do experiments and to observe waveforms/signals/voltages of different sections, which are guided thoroughly by theory and product tutorials to gain in-depth knowledge of the system. Understanding LCD Television is an ideal platform to enhance education, vocational training, skills & development amongs our young minds. This didactic product develops the sense of investigation within the student and familiarises him with repair/design techniques. One of the main features of this training system is fault simulation to educate on actual fault finding, by simulating faults on this platform.


Product Features:-
•  Composite video input/ VGA input.
•  Complete block diagram of a LCD TV system on-board.
•  Superior quality 21-inch HD LCD Color Television/ PC Monitor.
•  Manual and Remote control operation.
•  PAL/ NTSC video formats.
•  The different circuit sections of LCD TV are exposed on a PCB.
•  Easy identification of different parts and components of the system at a glance.
•  Easy measurement of voltages and observation of waveforms on test points.
•  Soldering free fault creation and troubleshooting.

LED TV Television Trainer