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Liquid Chromatography Digital System

Stylish and compact design.
Ultra speed data processing by Network HPLC.
Designed for all you need in the lab.
Enhanced superior performance.
Versatile dedicated applications.
Accurate and reliable data.


Quaternary Pump:-
Gradient formation: 4-channel mixing valve.
Composition Precision: < 0.1%.
Composition Accuracy: < 0.5%.
Operating principle: Parallel dual-plunger pump, Low-pressure gradient.

Number of Solvents: up to 4 solvents.


Binary Pump:-
Operating principle: Double parallel dual-plunger pump,
High-pressure gradient.
Configure with Gradient pump.


Vacuum Degasser:-
Number of channel: 4 channels.
Maximum flow rate: 10ml/min per channel 0~2.0ml/min per channel for 70% Gas Removed from Methanol.
Internal volume per channel: 925 ul per channel.
Materials in contact with the solvent.
Teflon AF, PEEK, and Glass-filled PTEE.


Column Compartment:-
Temperature stability: ± 0.05°C
Temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C
Temperature range: 4°C (Cooling) - 90°C
Column capacity: Max. 3 ea of 30 cm column (Analytical)
Max. 2 ea of 30 cm column (Semi-Prep)

UV/Vis Detector:-
Wavelength Range: 190~900nm (Dual wavelength)
Data collection rate: up to 50Hz
Noise level: < ±0.5 × 10-5 AU, 254nm, dry cell
Drift: < 1 × 10-4 AU/hr
Linearity: > 99.5% for 2.5AU (acetone, 254nm)


PDA Detector:-
No. of PDA Channel: 1024
Wavelength: 190 ~ 950nm
Noise Level: 2 × 10-5 AU (Empty Cell, 1 sec Rise Time, 254nm)
Drift: 2 × 10-4 AU/hr (Baseline Correction), 0.001AU/hr (Room Temp)
Wavelength Accuracy: 1nm (HY-1 Holmium Oxide Filter)


RI Detector:-
RI Range: 1.00~1.75 RIU
Noise: ≤ 5 × 10-9 RIU (Analytical) / ≤ 10 × 10-8 RIU (Semi-prep)
Flow Cell Volume: 9 ul (Analytical) / 7 ul (Semi-prep)

Liquid Chromatography Digital System

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