Metacentric Height Apparatus

A small ship model having provision to put the load on the deck or at the base and an arrangement to measure the inclination due to loading.
This apparatus is used to determine the metacentric height of a ship model under load and unload condition, (flat-bottomed vessel). 
A flat-bottomed semi-circular ship model of size 380 x 250 x 170mm.
A tank of size 60 x 60 x 30cm fitted with piezometer tube to measure the level of water. 

This apparatus consists of:-
The transparent sheet is provided on the front of the tank.
A pointer to measure the angle of heel up to +/-15°.
A crossbar arrangement with the provision of angling movable weights at the known distance from the vertical axis through C.G.
Additional five hanging weights (50 gm. each) are provided.
The tanks are well epoxy painted inside to prevent rust hence increase the life of the tank.

Metacentric Height Apparatus