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Metallurgical and Industrial Inspection Microscope
Viewing Heads: Ergonomic sidentop trinocular head 45°inclined, Interpupillary distance adjustable between:54-75mm,diopter adjustment ±5, refract rate:binocular 100%, binocular: trinocular=80%:20%
Nosepiece: Reversed quintuple/sextuple nosepiece
Objectives: LWD infinity plan semi APO chromatic plan
Eyepiece: High point wide-field WF 10X with FOV 22/25mm
Illumination: Reflection kohler illuminator,with iris diaphragm and centerable filed diaphragm, wide voltage 90-240V,12V/50W halogen bulb,center adjustable light intensity continuously adjustable
Magnification: 50x-1000x
Focusing:  Coaxial, tension control & upper limit stopper high sensitivity focus drive with 0.01mm per revolution
Observation: Brightfield, darkfield & polarizing
Filters: Blue, Green, built-in slots for analyzer & polarizer.
Mechanical Stage: Fixed stage with 3point support, attachable mechanical stage, X-Y coaxial control, double layer mechanical stage 160×250mm, moving range 50×50mm
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Metallurgical and Industrial Inspection Microscope

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