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Michelson Interferometer

Interferometer provided by 3 scales
Linear scale 0-150 mm graduated in mm is attached with bed of interferometer
One division of graduated disc H 0.01 mm
Mirror holders (Fitted with mirror mount), which makes them capable of holding mirrors of 25.4 mm dia & 12.5 mm thickness
A graduated slow-motion drum (Graduation 0-100 Div) fitted on right-hand side of Interferometer
One division of sow drum = 00001 mm. that is least count of Interferometer: 10 'mm
Graduated disc (0-100 Div.) may be peeped through glass window and is provided with head of the Interferometer

Mirror (Front surface-coated) Dia: 25 mm, Thickness: 10 mm
Surface flatness of coated face: A/10 & another face optically polished
Telescope Observation the Fringes: Objective is an achromatic doublet of din 25 mm
F.L: 125 mm
Mirrors reflectivity 90%
Telescope magnification: 10x
Thickness: 8 mm
Surface flatness: A/10
Parallelism between two faces: <5 arc seconds to maintain their optical identity

Michelson Interferometer

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