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Microwave Components – Gunn & Klystron Test Bench
These Training Benches are completely self-contained & provide the means to allow students to carry out practical work at extremely low cost. A comprehensive manual containing extensive microwave theory and a progressive series of assignments is supplied with the Trainer.


The equipment consist of:

•  A selection of wave-guide components.

•  Wall Chart.
•  Microwave Chart.
•  The power supply for the microwave source.
•  A detector.
•  A meter, which monitors the detector output.


•  Study & Measurement with Multihole Directional Coupler.
•  Measure the gain of a waveguide Horn Antenna.
•  Study of Magic Tee, Q & Bandwidth Measurement in cavity resonator.

Microwave Components – Gunn & Klystron Test Bench

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